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Womens Of India

Welcome to Indian Women

Welcome to indianwomen.org.in, a site where you get to know everything you have ever wanted to know about the Indian women. Be it the knowledge about Indian women in politics, Indian women in literature, Indian women in sports, Indian women entrepreneurs, indian women in corporate sector, or Indian women costumes, Indian women condition, position of Indian women or anything which comes in your mind in regard to the Indian women.

The indian women plays a very pivotal role in the society. From an excellent home maker to professionally qualified, economicaly independent , the indian women of today is adaptable of litters is handling every situation that comes on her way.

Theirs a saying, all that glitters is not gold’the same is true with the indian women. Although the indian society respects and preaches women in the form of durga, Kali, saraswati, shakti, still it also abuses her in the form of female infanticide, sexual harrasment, child marriages and many more. It will take the indian men years to overcome this mentality. Also the indian women herself sometimes can be seen to be the greatest enemy of another women. This is one of the bitter truth about the indian women.

The Indian women is an indispensable part of the indian society. With time, the indian society has started realising the importance of women and has undergone many changes. Indianwomen.org.in takes you to the journey of indian women of ancient india to medieval india to the women of modern india. Through the site indianwomen.org we have tried to capture every aspect of the life of indian women. Be it the indian women as a wage labourer or as the leader of the country. We have tried to cover as much as we can about the indian women.

Indianwomen.org.in is a homage to indian women who has excelled in every field from medicine to literature to art to entertainment and many more.

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