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Rukhsana Kaushar :  A Young girl from the small town of Shahadra sharif in J&K, who gunned own two  Lashkar-e-Toiba  terrorists to save her family. Presently she is serving  the Police forcein J&K as a proud constable. Awarded with Kirti Chakra by the President of India.
Kiran Bedi : An Indian social activist and a retired Indian Police service, IPS. Kiran bedi is the first Indian women to join the IPS in 1972, and most recently held the position of Director General BPR&D, Minsitry of Home affairs.  She retired in 2007.
She is the founder of two NGOs in India: Navjyoti for welfare and preventive policing in 1987 and the India Vision Foundation for prison reformation, drug abuse prevention and child welfare in 1994.
After retirement, Kiran Bedi launched a new website, www.saferIndia.com , on January 3, 2007. The motto of this website is to help people whose complaints are not accepted by the local police. This project is undertaken by the non-profit, voluntary and non-government organization she founded, the India Vision Foundation.
SMT. GEETA JOHARI : Commissioner of Police, Rajkot.
Dr. Meera Ramnivas : Deputy Insepctor General Of Police: Mahila Cel, Ghandinagar.
Dr. (Ms) Neera Gotru Rao : Supretendent Of Police, C.B.I, New Delhi .
MS. Gagandeep Gambhir : Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone- I, Vadodara City.

 Women Running Udyogs:

Tara Thiagarajan : Chairperson, Madura Micro Finance, the institution serves over 4,00,000 rural women  in Tamil Naidu with its unique initiatives.
Richa Pandey Mishra : Founfer, EJeevika HR,  helps rural youth connect with high growth industries by creating an employment network bridging the skill gaps.
Afroj Jahan :  is known for her chanderi weaving and her contribution to the various schemes aiming at the upliftment of weavers.
Jamini Payeng : is famous for her drive to bring the Muga and Pat silk weaves from the deep interiors of assam into the larger market.
Sally Holkar : her organisation, ‘Women weave’ is dedicated to empowering and improving women weavers in Madhya Pradesh.

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