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All India Coordinating Forum of the Adivasi/Indigenous Peoples (AICAIP):
delhi: AICAIP was established as a forum for Adivasi/indigenous people's movements all over India. Its objective is to strengthen the process of building solidarity and alliances amongst struggle oriented indigenous people's organizations. AICAIP aims to identify shared issues and problems, to generate debate on these issues and to provide support to help deal with them. One of the five working groups AICAIP has established is focused on Adivasi Women Issues. Neither AICAIP nor any of the organizations it represents concentrates specifically on the dissemination of information. There is also no other Indian indigenous people's organization with this focus. However, exchanging and providing information is part of AICAIP's work.

Joint Women's Programme - NGOs Delhi

Pune: National Council of Women In India

Centre for Women's Development Studies : Delhi a research centre comprised of a group of professionals working for the realization of women's equality and development in all spheres of life. The centre maintains a specialized library with a collection on women and development in India, open to students, research scholars, gender consultants, policy makers, journalists etc.

Committee on the Portrayal of Women in the Media, Delhi

Institute of Social Studies Trust : Delhi.

The YWCA of India  - NGOs Delhi : An umbrella organisation affiliated to the World YWCA with 65 local associations in India. The organisation works for women's empowerment through a variety of programmes , the most important of which are leadership training for women, advocacy work on all women's issues, and community development work . The YWCA also runs 40 women's residences across the country providing housing for working women as well as emergency shelter for women. The YWCA of India is also a part of a network of 7 women's organistions based in Delhi and works together with them on common issues.

National Commission of Women, Delhi.

Diverse Women for Diversity, Delhi.

Kali For Women, Delhi, Feminist Publisher.

Women’s Foundation, Delhi.

Saheli, a women’s organisation, Delhi.

Sakhi: Lesbian Organisation, Delhi.

Center for Women's Studies and Development, Chandigarh.

Centre for Women's Studies and Development, Faculty of Social Sciences,Varansai Aroda.

Women and Media Group, Mumbai.

The Women's Centre of India, Mumbai.

Women's Studies Unit, Mumbai : The Women's Studies Unit attempts to sensitize students and policymakers about women and development issues by teaching social work students and government employees, by producing teaching materials, consulting various groups about women and development, and by conducting research.

Maitreyi, Mumbai: The major objective of Maitreyi is to develop a feminist perspective in understanding women's issues and the women's movement, and to sensitize everyone about women's issues. Maitreyi sponsors and indirectly supports the following activities: women's studies workshops, research, documentation, support centers for women in distress, mobilization of women in villages to join Ladies Club, and publication of books and annual reports.

Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey (SNDT) : Women's University Library, Mumbai SNDT Women's University was established in 1916 as the first women's university in India. The university library was established in 1955. It houses an information service on women's studies. The women's information section of the library caters to researchers and professors as well as NGOs and activists. The library maintains an indigenous database -SUCHAK- containing references to more than 100.000 titles. About 35.000 of these pertain specifically to women. In recent years the library has acquired several instructional, bibliographical, and full text databases. Languages: Indian, English.

Akshara, Mumbai : A Women's Resource Centre, mumbai, Akshara began informally in 1987 as result of the women's movement and its campaigns in Bombay. It started by producing low cost publications for women's organizations and activists. In 1995 Akshara recieved funds to establish a library and reference centre for women. It now has library facilities, offers gender training and workshops, and publishes educational and movement oriented materials. Languages: English, Marathi. 

Center for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness (CHETNA) Ahmedabad : Chetna's mission is to contribute towards the empowerment of disadvantaged women and children to enable them to gain control over their own, their families' and their communities' health. Its trainings target supervisors, trainers, program managers and practitioners of NGOs and GOs. In order to provide a good flow of information, a documentation and information centre has been created. Today Chetna's main efforts are aimed at documenting the lives of women and children in India and health issues. The collection contains a special section of training manuals, information kits and modules. Languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati.

Centre for Social Justice : Feminist Support Group, Ahmedabad.

Single Women's Organisation : Networking Organisation, Ahmedabad.

Women's Studies Research Centre

Forum Against Oppression Of Women, Mumbai : FAOW was formed in 1979 as a platform to respond to an extremely unjust judgement on a rape case. Soon from a Forum Against Rape as it was earlier called, it changed its name to the present one to encompass varied forms of women's oppression. FAOW is part of what in India is recognised as the Autonomous Women's groups which has played a crucial role in this third phase of the women's movement [late 70's onwards]. Today it is mainly a campaign group consisting of members from varied background- students, housewives, professional women, lectureres etc. The members meet regularly once in a week and every one puts their volantary time in the work that needs to be done. There are no paid staff.

Research Center for Women's Studies, Mumbai.

Women's Studies Unit. Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Majlis Mumbai : Majlis is a legal and cultural resource centre working in the area of women and minority rights. The legal centre of Majlis is a group of lawyers providing legal assistance to women. Majlis is also involved in reasearch and documentation on issues concerning women.

India Women Scientist's Association (IWSA), Mumbai : Promote women's participation in Science. Membership open to all science graduates.

Centre for Documentation and Research on Women (Aalochana). Pune, Maharastra.

Anveshi Research Center for Women's Studies, Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad.

Streelekha, Banglore.

Bangalore Joint Women's Programme.

Center for Informal Education and Development Studies, Banglore.

St. Ignatius Social Centre, Karnataka.

Working Women's Forum, Chennai.

Madras Women's Indian Association, Chennai.

Mother Teresa Women's University, Chennai.

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